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18 Feb 2024

Trying to Fix Without Even Breaking

So, a few days ago (2 weeks probably) I noticed a lot of heat on the bottom side of my laptop only when I was plugged in...
25 Jan 2024

Why Own a Website

Note: This post is subject to errors (grammatical or more) as i’m writing this to give a try at writing something ...
26 Dec 2023

Christmas Night With Tmp Files

This is a blog that will help me always remember that checking the command twice before running is the best way to not l...
02 Dec 2023

My First Post

Hi, I’m Mangesh. I am a student, tinkerer and a geek pursuing a Diploma curse. I am a person of diverse interests ...
21 Nov 2023

Confused as a Student

This blog is me ranting about why I am way too confused as a student. What is the confusion about ? I am a Computer Engi...